Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot, hot, hot
Been a long run of 100+ degree days. This year is actually an improvement over last year, but it still seems too hot, too soon to someone who has lived here all her life. My mom has lived here even longer than I have and agrees that it's a bit of a mind-fuck. Both of us are having a hard time remembering that it's the month of June even though we see calendars and dates every day. Somehow our weather memory keeps overriding those dates and categories that we humans place on time and seasons and we keep thinking it's a least a month later in the year. And it doesn't matter that we spend our time inside in the air-conditioning. We still have that lethargic lull in the middle of the day, the need for a siesta and the desire to do things in the late, late evening instead of getting to bed early.

I've mentioned this before, but we didn't have air-conditioning when I was a kid. We didn't really need it since it literally wasn't as hot at as is now. I don't mean hot as in temperatures measured by the weather service. Although if I look, I wouldn't be surprised to see that it was 10 degrees cooler 40 years ago. No, what I mean is it wasn't as hot at my parent's house - we were still on the outskirts of town at that time so it was much cooler than in the city proper and you could actually have breeze blowing through even on a calm day - you don't get that there anymore. However, it would get to be unbearably hot in August. That was expected and so we'd pack up and go camping for those three weeks or so. This wasn't just my parent's ritual, but also their brothers & sisters as well so the camping trips were always a bit of a family reunion. One year we even went to Mexico (!) and camped out in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned lake resort. That sounds adventurous now, but it was even more so back then. Anyway, there was a point to all this discourse that I've now forgotten and I have to run off to work. Perhaps I was just trying to figure out why my weather memory and instincts are much stronger than any damn calendar. Because that calender might say June, but my body says August.

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