Saturday, June 06, 2009


I went to help a friend out around noon , but it turns out I can't do anything for them until , back at it on Sunday.
I came home and watched the movie " Once were warriors " ... powerful stuff. I haven't watched this movie in years and it's funny how I remember identifying with the male leads anger before and this time I related more to the redemption end regarding his wife. Regardless , a very powerful film . I recommend it .
In keeping with my stuff on a stick habit , I present to you turkey breast cutlets with sweet onion and granny smith apple. Dusted with cajun all spice , coarse black pepper and minced onion. doused in extra virgin olive oil and Louisiana hot sauce. Hoo Wee!

The remaining turtles have been outside for about a month now and they are thriving.
And our Beta is still alive...

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