Thursday, June 11, 2009

Overnight office space
I start working from home tomorrow, but I'm not exactly prepared since it wasn't supposed to happen for another month. I've been promised that I could work from home for well over a year and when I was told this morning to start tomorrow, well, I just couldn't say, "No, not right now." There are a couple of problems. My desktop needs a hard drive and I haven't been able to replace it due to budget issues. I also have to work on Saturdays (Sundays as well if I want enough hours to pay the bills) and I can't exactly ban Rob from the main part of the house on his days off. We have an extra bedroom that we don't use for anything other than storage and I had planned on working in that room to set up an office in a couple of weeks. But a couple of weeks isn't tomorrow so I've had to jury-rig a temporary solution for tomorrow which involves working at my regular desk in the main part of the house using my laptop. My ancient laptop really isn't up to the task, but if I'm careful I should be able to make it work. Rob will be out of the house cleaning pools most of the day and I can shut the dogs up in our bedroom (they shouldn't mind too much - they can snooze on our bed all day.) I've also cleared a spot in the extra bedroom where I can set up a makeshift desk for Saturday and Sunday, but I'm too pooped tonight to finish that - have to move in a table, move the router and run cables. I'll do that tomorrow night to be ready for Saturday. But despite the mad scramble, I still say WOO-HOO! Working from home at last!

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