Monday, June 22, 2009


It's just been so hot.
I haven't had the energy to take the grrls for walks the last couple of days , yesterday I didn't even go outside. I preferred the cool and dark of the bedroom and TV and dogs.
Today when I got home , I got the usual greeting from the dogs , except for Layla. Now Layla jumps , but today she was jumping up to face level with me.
So tonight we went for a longer than usual after dinner stroll.
I think it was good for all of us...even though , by the time we got back at 8:45 I was sweating like I was pool side at 2:00...and it's only June.
I've got this weird thing in my vulcan crotch on my right hand that I initially thought was a chemical burn...
I'm sensitive to the stabilizing chemical in chlorine tablets ( cyanuric acid ) and prolonged exposure makes my hands break out in little itchy blisters unless I'm careful to rinse off between stops. Anyway...the more I look at it , the more it looks like a spider bite...I think.
Mostly it itches and I keep thinking of "Mary Jane rotten crotch" for some reason.
Kyle and I exchanged Father's day greetings yesterday , and you know what ? That's pretty fucking cool.
We're planning a camping trip for August , just me and him and Sean...should be fun.
There must be water , and shade . I'm leaning towards McKinney Falls . It's close and has very nice camp sites.
Heat index tomorow and for the rest of the week 103 to 105...hoo whee!

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