Monday, May 28, 2007


This is a line from a Death Cab song off of the Plans CD called What Sarah said.I'm sure most of you have watched somebody die...maybe a parent,a good friend,a significant other or someone connected to you by job or obligation...forbid a child,or a pet.
I'm sure most of us have had that ICU waiting room experience.
But do any of you do an occasional inventory of loss?Not like a conscious thing really,just the names and faces of the departed roll by in the course of the day?
Ever add it up?
For me it looks like this...
Parents:both plus one in law (3)
Loved ones:D...(1)
Job or obligation...B.R.,Client,Travis State School.Born:?Died:1979(1)
Pets:Buddy,Diamond,Skeeter,Shadow(disappeared),Sullivan (5)
With the exception of my dad and Skeeter and Shadow (who could have been stolen and still very much alive)I watched them die.Some slow and giving you time to wrap your head around it and some in terrifying quicktime.
Not in any order...just popping up in response to cues encountered in your day to dayness.
Damn!That's a bunch of memories!
It is memorial day after all...a day of remembrance.Civilians and non human personnel count too,right?
They do to me.

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