Friday, August 21, 2009


After almost 5 months in this new / old job I have developed relationships with most of my customers. Some have been contentious and revolving around problems with the pool.
Algae is a big issue since we have had this unrelenting heat and staying on top of it is a challenge.
But most have been amicable. I know what I'm doing and the pools look good , and the cool thing is , most of my customers say so.
And the dogs...I have dogs on my route that I don't wish to encounter , but mostly I have dogs that are happy to see me , and me them...they make me linger at stops loving on them , which makes for a longer day but hey...they are dog friends...I got to hang out.
it's image over substance too for me...I'm not ordinary. No one has asked where I did time or said anything about my appearance. I am always clean shaven and neatly dressed and I know how to be polite (thanks mom).Plus I'm older,and while that should have no bearing's somewhat amazing that at 49 I can still do the job with the vim and vigor I did back in the day.
I consider myself very lucky to have fallen into this job what with the economy and all that...very lucky.
And to have the skill set that afforded me that luck.
On another level...I am in the pre pre pre planning stages of a trip to England to visit my long lost family. It's within reach providing they can give me a couch to sleep on :). Plus , I could maybe see my English internet friends while I'm over there...not sure about the geography but it's a bloody tiny island after all and how far could Gateshead be from Skegness ?
My son wants to go with me...I don't know how realistic that is but we'll see. Ann would have to stay behind cause of the pack :(
Speaking of the pack...Layla continues to come into her own and it's fun to be a part of it...her coming out so to speak...gaining trust and integrating her magic into our lives , she has been a welcome addition for all of us.
And finally , I have a ghost in my house...not a bad thing but a troubling thing that I have to sort out and find some balance...I know it'll work out to everyone's benefit , I'm just not quite sure how to get there.
Yet is my word for now.

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