Friday, August 14, 2009


I haven't been posting here much because I've been hanging out over at Facebook. I joined to look at an old friends family pictures and discovered that a bunch of people I know are members there.
Current friends , old high school friends , my son and daughter in law. It's been fun.
But a curious thing has happened.
I was contacted by a relative on my Fathers side of the family. He lives here so I wasn't that surprised. Besides , I know there are lots of us was just a matter of time.
But when my cousin from England sent me an email , I was dumbfounded.
My Aunty Pat has been trying to find me and enlisted her niece to search for me.
When my Mom died I kind of figured that was the end of it as far as my familial connections to England was concerned , apparently - and I know this is hard to believe:P - I was wrong.
Aunty Pat is writing me a letter...treasure in the mail !I haven't seen any of my cousins since I was a wee boy , barely 3 , and haven't seen Aunty Pat since her visit here when I was 19.
I've been invited to visit any time...
wonder if they would pay for the ticket? Just kidding , but it'll be a while before I can afford that trip.

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