Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baked Eggs

A few days ago we were at Randall's shopping for bratwurst and I wanted buns that were not regular old hot dog buns, but something a bit more substantial (and tastier.) They had a package of what appeared to be French baguettes cut into pieces so we bought those. This turned out not be an actual French bread and was more along the lines of commercial white bread, but it still beat the hell out of using regular hot dog buns.

This morning I decided to make some baked eggs with that bread and was disappointed to find the bread still very moist, another sign it was not a French bread recipe at all. Real French bread would have been stale by now (and for those of you wondering about my disappointment, I like to use stale bread in my various baked egg concoctions since it saves time toasting it in the oven before adding the egg.)

Anyway, today I had a craving for baked eggs with cream and nutmeg, but discovered I was out of both cream and nutmeg. Instead, I tried something new. This time I threw in some bacon pieces and topped my eggs with creamy Caesar salad dressing and coarse ground black pepper. I was a little doubtful that this would be a tasty combination, but it turned out great. Well technically, it was a bit too salty for my liking due to the salad dressing, but quite possibly not salty enough for Rob.

Here is one of the chopped up faux baguettes. I think I may use this idea to make my own sandwich rolls in the future.

Bread plus bacon bits

Here is the finished product out of the oven. Oh, and unless you love black pepper as much as I do, I'd recommend the medium grind instead of coarse.

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