Saturday, August 08, 2009


That started on Monday...but I want to focus on yesterday and today (no, not the band from the 70's but august7 and 8).
...plugs in Goatwhore to move things along...
So I was going to this start up Friday...a start up is a newly plastered have to balance the water chemistry just so while it cures otherwise you can end up with a big bowl of sandpaper full of water or worse.
It wasn't even half full...went back at 8 this morning and it wasn't full , they had one (ONE!?) hose filling it...I put in another hose and came back 2 more times...still not full.
In between I met some old friends for lunch , and that was cool...but let me tell you , after 60 plus hours in this hell on earth summer and a murphy's law week from said hell , all I wanted to do today was chill in the bed with my family...not happening dude...suck it up.
Then...THEN...some asshole turned the hoses off that were filling the pool. I had left my number with some residents of the property to call me when it was full...while I was at the grocery getting dog food , one of them called and asked if I had turned the hoses off...AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!
So...guess what I get to do tomorrow morning instead of walking the Grrrls with Annabelle ?
That's right.
I did make a pretty bad ass pork salad for sandwiches that you can see at my fucking facebook page.
I don't know what I did to piss off the karma gods ( actually I do , but that's a nunya and probably a product of my underlying paranoia about unexplained fuckings )
This Goatwhore is actually if you'll excuse me it's 4 fucking hours ago.
Still beats electric a fucking mile.
And that Husker song really fucked with me...seriously , it did.
It made me cry.
Now I have to go out and kil.....CONNECTION TERMINATED....PLEASE STAND BY...

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