Friday, August 28, 2009


Sitting here listening to Pink Floyd Animals...After an evening across the street at my neighbors house.
There was a party going on at the rock-n-roll posers clubhouse across the Cul'at the same time and they draw a big crowd which means a bunch of cars crammed into an already dangerous stretch of road.
We took every opportunity to fuck with them...Made a guy move his truck from blocking my exit from the driveway ( in case of a pool emergency , of course ).
After that died down we began reminiscing about the history of our block and the changes that have occurred.
They're just kids to us...they have no clue about this neighborhood , but we do and we are (rightfully or not...highly offended).
At any rate this poser-fest gave us opportunity to remember what connects us and probably disconnects us from those clueless posers who just think we are old cranky bastards...I mean , we are that...but we are still cool once you get to know us (and/or don't block the driveway...importance is relative:P).
There is us here and our children , and our grandchildren, and our neighbors children and grandchildren...generations.
So I have this extended neighborhood family thing going on...buying into the concept that we are all connected somehow , all the while whoring around facebook , and low and behold I am suddenly reunited with my Mom's side of the mom the English woman war hero genius side of the family...she is lionized in my mind and inches from sainthood...she is Mom...
My cousin found me at the behest of our cool is that?
My Aunty Pat...soul survivor of all my Mom's brother's and Sister' know I have to see her...the sooner the better...not to mention the many other relatives ...some who remember me and some who just want to see a Texan (:)...sorry to disappoint...I am new Texan. I don't look like a redneck , but mess with me please ( enough posturing...).
So it looks like I'm going to England to be reunited with my family...I'm excited and terrified about the prospect.
To be continued...

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