Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm excited about going back to the family , but terrified about how I have to get there.
Flying to Colorado was traumatic enough...but 16-18 hours in the air? There's not enough xanax and vodka for that shit ( I jest )...I'll just have to suck it up and pray.
I won't be bringing that fucking travel charm I bought years's cursed with the 90's.

Today was my grandson Sean's 4th birthday...we had the big partay at Chuck E Cheese's crib.That rat sure knows how to throw a party.
It was fun , but I kept flashing back to when my ex took me there for a surprise on my birthday many years ago and I was an asshole about it...well not exactly an asshole, but I missed the point altogether and I wondered if she remembered ( she was there today ).She tried to do something nice and I totally missed the point.I get it now.
Anyway , Sean had the time of his life and Kenzie was totally into was funny ... see for yourself...

So I keep rolling these thoughts around in my head...I get on a plane and 20 some odd hours later I'm in another country greeted by strangers none the less...someone I don't recognize (unless it's my cousin Shelley) with a sign with my name on it. I have never been greeted with a sign with my name on it.I have never been anticipated like this in my life , and while it's very cool - it's also intimidating.
It's just a ball of confusion.
But I can say this...I will get on that plane and go back to the family.
I have to.
To be continued...

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