Monday, August 10, 2009

Below 200
Back on 2/12/08, I did a post about how my weight was stuck at 200 pounds. It stayed stuck there for so long that I eventually stopped paying attention. Then the other week, I grabbed a pair of jeans and noticed that they didn't seem to fit quite like they usually did. It wasn't that they were too small, although they were snug like freshly washed jeans tend to be. No, something else wasn't quite right about them. I took a closer look and discovered I had put on a pair of Rob's old jeans by mistake. Jeans that are very similar to mine, but have a slightly different cut. They are also one size smaller that what I wear and that made me wonder if I had finally broke the 200 mark. And sure enough, the scale showed 195. That was pretty cool to see, but my weight does tend to fluctate and can easily vary 5 pounds from one day to the next. So I've been weighing myself every other day or so over these last few weeks and I'm varying between 192 and 196. Therefore, I declare the 200 pound barrier to finally have been broken. Woo-hoo! Next goal - 180.

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