Tuesday, December 06, 2005


There's a lot going on in the world of american "politics" which has a new definition that includes the words lie...conniving...smoke...ass...up...red and herring just to name a few.
The conspiracy charges against DeLay have been dropped, but the money laundering charges stand. It appears that the conspiracy wasn't one by law technically when it occured. There are no laws on the books for slimey ass tactics. Oh well. But money laundering has been around for ages and hopefully the bugman from sugarland will choke on it. Meanwhile, Cheney was down in Houston attending a fund raiser for DeLays defense fund.
The Vice president of the US of A is at a fund raiser for a shamed politician accused of money laundering???
Come on...these assholes can't be that brazen can they???
Sure they can...Condi's overseas talking about "mistakes" that could "be made" in a campaign of the scope of "the international war on terror", and how they will take every measure to correct them "as they occur". I think what she really means is " I'm laying the groundwork to cover the plethora of mistakes we already made"...I heard a guy on the radio today say that Condi would'nt know the truth if " it stepped on her 1000 dollar shoes". I agree.
Come on...do they really think we're that stupid???
Sure they do.
The unending stream of horseshit from the likes of Bunnypants his own self in a lame ass attempt to counter Dean's comments on the radio comparing Iraq to Viet Nam. Bush is full of that transparent patriotism..."we support our troops...blah blah blah". Implying that to tell them the truth is unpatriotic...oh, wait. That makes perfect sense if you're a republican criminal.
I agree with Dean, this war is unwinnable under the current circumstances. If we want to "win" we need to dramatically increase the number of troops and just pummel the country into the stone age. We could do this. Why aren't we? If the war on terror is so fucking important, and Iraq is the "center" ( wholly manufactured by the bush administration ) why aren't we swarming over the country with the full force of our military might? WWII style? We could end this shit in a week, but we aren't.
Why not?
Good question.
What else could it be?
I refer you to this picture:

(rumsfeld greets hussein in baghdad during the iran/iraq war...1983)

Something must have gone wrong.
I wonder what it was that was so bad to manifest itself in the shitstorm we currently find ourselves in?
It's also of interest to me that Russia has signed an agreement to provide Iran with TOR missles this week. After they failed miserably in Afghanistan.
Bandwagonesque, innit?

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