Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was cruising back from a friends shop today...yeah , I actually got something done.And I was listening to KUT and they had this woman in the studio by the name of Mary Gauthier (go-shay) who is fucking amazing.
Her back story is amazing as well.
I tried to find something to put here but could only find poor live audience made videos at youtube...this is one of the songs featured on the broadcast I heard today.

You can check her myspace page or her official page for more.
A much better day for me.Good nights sleep...I set up a cot in the living room with my new bag...it was nice.Got up with the sun and took the foghorn, I mean Annabelle, to work and when I got home the cot had been commandeered by the dogs.Theo ended up with it and when I left he was majorly stretched out and fast asleep.
I should have taken a picture.

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