Monday, February 09, 2009


I'm on a furlough for now...I can take a lay off and go to the hall and sign the books and go to work with another contractor if I want or I can wait around and see what comes up with this one.
But there is a wrinkle.
I found out last Friday that someone has been talking shit about me at the shop...nothing specific...just "he's not the same Rob...smells of alcohol in the mornings sometimes ( I mean, come's the construction trade for Christs sake...who DOESN'T smell from time to time. And the funniest thing about that to me is the fact that I am living a somewhat straight and narrow these days as far as that shit is concerned ).
Coming from the social work background I'm used to being direct about concerns like this...but I learned a long time ago that that kind of proactive interaction doesn't fly in the trades.But pisses me off that no one had the balls to ask me what was going on with me in terms of tardiness and missing work.
Plus , the times are tight and everyone is covering their own ass. I can live with that reality.
Had they inquired they would of learned that I have had a number of health issues come up over the last year...beginning with that scary spike in my blood pressure a while back and culminating in my dental issues which have continued to plague me to this day...I am in constant pain...always...that will change anyone's sunny disposition. And instead of inquiring about it , they talk shit and try to get me run off ? Chickenshit stuff.
So the chief suspect of this shit talking is telling me this morning that today is probably going to be my last on this job and i can take a furlough or a lay off and blah blah blah...I really quit listening and was instead thinking "this is probably the motherfucker who is talking shit about me and wouldn't it be fun to just knock his fucking lights out right here right now "?
I played it out in my head as he continued to blow smoke up my ass and then went about the business of the day.I'm miles away from all that therapeutic nonsense , but whatever happened to honesty?
So...I'm gonna go with this furlough , file for unemployment , take Annabelle to work in the morning then go get a paper and have breakfast somewhere and go see one of my friends.
I've been with this contractor since day one...and being a loyalist it kind of makes me sad to be going...but it's a great big world and my buddy Rusty reminded me it's more about the union than the contractors...
Wise words from someone I trust and respect.

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