Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got tired of recording the ponyride stuff with the very cheap GE headset, and while I have been burning CD's like crazy and writing new material an upgrade was at hand...but considering I got laid off money is an issue.I have some audio technica condenser mics and a tube MP pre-amp made by A.R.T...all I needed was an adapter to plug into my computer to make it work.
I went to Music Makers and they tried to sell me this interface thing that was really cool , and when I have a spare 130 dollars I'm going to buy it...but otherwise they said they couldn't help me and that the shit I had wouldn't work.
Of course I knew better and went to radio shack and got the adapter I knew I needed for 7 dollars .
And shit from old shit...It's so much warmer...test video below.I was just fucking around with it but you can tell a difference.

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