Thursday, February 26, 2009


I picked this up over at Texas Oasis and thought it would be a pretty simple exercise.I , of course , was wrong. There's just too much music I've crammed into my head during my life.So I did my best. This goes from present to past and may even jump around in the middle a bit....

Band of Horses are currently in heavy rotation...I love the multiple guitars and that voice.
Uncle Tupelo were and remain a favorite.See also Son Volt and Wilco.
(Reckoning) My favorite dead record.See also American Beauty , Workingman's Dead.
I got the original pressing of this when I lived in Manitou Springs.My friends looked at me funny. I eventually had all of their stuff.
Have loved this band since high school...I got the 4 disc coffee table book set a couple of years back.
The greatest punk band ever...been a fan since 82.I got to see them at Emos in 04 and met the singer , Dick. It was a brush with greatness.
The amazing Crass...more a movement than a band , but incredible nonetheless.
I bought this single in intro to punk and my musical life was never the same.
Another amazing band...the anger...I tapped in...another focus of my completest way of buying music.
Incredible in high school...incredible today.
Another high school staple...
And yet another...

The remaining three are the first albums I ever had that were mine.I wore them out.
My parents gave me Hendrix and CCR for Christmas ( I think I was 12 ) and I bought the GFR at the PX with my allowance.These three are the reason I play.

You can do this too if you want...

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