Monday, February 16, 2009


There's this scene in Hamburger Hill about midway through the ten day assault where the surviving guys are talking about what they miss about being home and this kid busts out with "I want a corndog with mustard". And everyone on the hill with him gets it.
A simple request / desire really , in the midst of the chaos and confusion and uncertainty. Something familiar .
Since I'm currently out of corndogs , I'm having steak fries with mustard.
I've been sick since Saturday , and while I'm feeling better , Annabelle is deflicted with the same thing now. These events have nearly derailed my pre layoff plan , but I got back on the rails this afternoon.
I believe the fries will help to that end. I'm not scared...just tired.

Just an FYI...never bake steak fries unless you like shoe leather in your diet...I'm going with cucumber slices with caramelized onion and bacon dressing instead (Irene likes these as well...apparently) . I blurred out my desk...

And the breathe right strips do not work for Annabelle...she is still honking away.
It's gonna be a long night.

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