Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I started doing this a while back , but haven't done it in a while...but when I emptied my overalls this evening I was inspired.

Without fanfare or further adieu...
An LED keys...a razor knife... a 59 cent lighter from a haji mart...about 2 dollars in change...some anbesol (mild pain)...some ibuprofen (moderate pain)...some fucking vicodin (major pain)...hey , you have to be prepared.A mini sharpie, a mini pen , a pencil (obscured by flashlight)...assorted screws and wire nuts. A volt tic and a very small multi - screwdriver and a cell phone.
That's a bunch of stuff...even for overalls...and I'm happy to report that I started out the day with 3 vicodin and three ibuprofen and a half tube of vicodin taken - in the immortal words of Sgt. Barnes "Take the pain".

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