Sunday, February 01, 2009


I went to Wal-mart this after to get Annabelle a new keyboard as hers took a dirt nap.I got an optical mouse to replace my track ball which dove into retardville the other kept locking up and had a mind of it's own scrolling at will.
I got some more lightscribe CD-R's and some jewel cases for my follow up to the first PonyRide CD...I fucking love these things...any image you want , it's so cool to be able to customize the discs.
But the best thing was I found a pair of Dickies duck pants in needed some new work pants and there you go.
They are cool is that?
I played my guitars so much today that the hurt in my fingers turned to callous...I am on a roll...I broke them all out.
I need some strings.While I like them good and worn in , corrosion is not conducive to tuning...
Songs seem to be pouring out of me of late and I'm really digging the vibe (oh shit...I just dated myself :P ).
Seriously-I'm enjoying playing again and being creative.New stuff rolling in.
I wish I could make a living playing music , I would be all over that.

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