Friday, October 29, 2004


Greetings dear we are on another thursday and the the old mail bag is empty again...huh?what?? It's Friday?!? , dude...that hydro totally kicked my ass on...uh...ummm...whatever day that was that...uh...whats-his-name? Oh yeah! Bobo! He came by and smoked my ass out! He's fucking cool man, but not as cool as these skinks on my head...what??? There's only one up there? Fuckin' hydro. Anyway...My old lady asked me what I thought about the eclipse the other night.

Well, when it first came out, I thought it was bogus man...just another car trying to steal the 240z's thunder. I mean, there's only one jap sports car and it's the 240-fuckin'-Z man, am I right or what? I think it was made by datsun or maybe nissan, I not sure, but it totally rocked either way. Watching one zip down the road gave me a totally was cool, trust me. And then the eclipse came out and they had this commercial with a chick in a gangster hat like totally having a seizure, I guess driving by those street lights so fast triggered it...and I thought any car that can go fast enough to cause a chick to spazz must be dangerous and I wondered where the fuck Nader was on this issue, cause I'm still trying to decide who to vote for. And after awhile, I decided a car that could induce fits because it hauled ass was actually pretty cool...but the chick still totally looked like a dork, I mean, I know she was having a seizure and all, but...huh? Lunar eclipse??? Oh man...fucking, I did'nt see it. Did it rock? Not as much as this skink on head I'm guessing. Oh wow...Bobo's here! See ya!

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