Sunday, July 11, 2010

I went out to my RV this afternoon to do a couple of weekly maintenance tasks. It felt so nice out there that I decided to hang out for a while since I always feel like I'm on vacation when I'm out there. And what better reward for all my hard work this weekend than to spend some time feeling relaxed and comfortable! There have been days this week when I wondered if I made the wrong decision in buying the RV rather than trying harder to find a place to rent, but all those doubts vanished once I got back out there.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought my wish to by an RV one day was always in the context of doing it with Rob, but my friend Tracy reminded me how I used to talk long ago about buying a used bread truck (aka step-van) and turning it into an RV. I had completely forgotten about that. Then I also remembered that back when I was very young, I would fantasize about having an Air-stream trailer someday so I could just easily move to a new town every year or so. This was back when I was planning on being a writer and that just seemed like the perfect lifestyle for a novelist since you would be regularly exposed to new locations and new characters. And so while it seemed at the time that buying the RV was something completely unexpected and out of the blue, perhaps it wasn't really that way after all.


  1. I am really very jealous of your freedom!

    A friend of Mr BW's, who writes children's books, spent a year driving around Europe in a camper van, searching for inspiration for new books.

  2. Hmm... my German teacher in college once told me I should consider writing children's books for a living based on the papers I used to write for class which were, pretty much, all very short children's stories. It just seemed a natural format to use when given a specific vocabulary list to use in a story.