Monday, July 26, 2010

I need more sleep
I haven't gone to sleep before midnight for four nights and a row and I'm determined to hit the hay early tonight. Despite being rather sleep deprived, I did manage to get some stuff done today including buying the lumber I need to build the steps for Theo. And I gotta say that was the best shopping experience I have ever had at a Home Depot. I didn't catch the employee's name, but he was friendly, courteous and helpful which is a rare experience in any store these days.

In other news, I finally bought an electric skillet this weekend. I was trying to find an 8" or 10" so it would fit in my tiny sink, but the smallest I could find was an 11". I used it to make squash casserole this weekend and quickly learned that it draws a fair amount of amps when it popped the RV park circuit breaker outside. I only have 30 amps total for the trailer and the A/C consumes a big chunk of that so summer will always be a bit of a juggling act.

Well, my eyes are closing at this point. Even with hitting the bed early, I suspect the alarm is still going to go off way sooner than my liking tomorrow morning.

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