Sunday, July 04, 2010

Being Flexible
Now that I've pretty much settled into my RV, it's time to switch back to staying at the house for a few weeks to give Rob that same opportunity to settle into his new apartment before the house is gone. This will also give me time during the week in the evenings to work on clearing stuff out of the house, something I can't do if I'm staying out at the RV. I spent Saturday running errands and was finally able to get a PO Box out in Buda (there's been a wait list for weeks.) I also had to get another new tire for the Rodeo since the right rear tire started acting up on my way back from Buda. I guess it decided that it didn't want to wait until we closed on the house either. Damn tires. But since I now had good tires all the way around on the vehicle, I was able to drive out past McDade Saturday evening to visit with an old friend and finally see the house that she built several years ago. McDade is not that far away, about an hour's drive, but without a reliable vehicle it might as well have been on the moon and I had never seen her new place. We had a nice visit, but had to make it a short one because I knew I had an hour drive home. And on the way home I was thinking that so many of my friends live north... maybe I'll move my RV up that way if my temp job down south doesn't become permanent. I always swore I'd never live in North Austin or north of Austin, but perhaps it's time to stop limiting myself in so many areas of my life, including where I live. Time to be a bit more flexible...


  1. From black to blue... nice new look :)

  2. Thanks BW. I'm aiming for a minimalist attitude this month and figured the blog was a good place to start. Although I miss laughing at the Google ads so I may put those back.