Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The house is officially sold & the RV is almost paid off
We finally closed on the house today, three weeks later than planned, but at least we still get 30 days from today to get everything out of the place. All the debt has been paid off except for the $7000 we've borrowed from my parents over the years, but at least that's an interest free, "pay when you can" loan. I also still owe about $700 on the RV, but I'll have that paid off in 30 days so I feel like I can now start on my RV redecorating plan.

First thing to go is going to be the couch/sleeper sofa and the table and chairs which I will put into storage in case I decide to trade the RV in later on. I never use the uncomfortable couch, other than to temporary hold my groceries when I come back from the grocery store, and the table is currently being used as a computer desk. With those two items gone, that should give me enough space to put in a comfy chair & ottoman, a small desk and a small table for two that can double as counter space (I currently have no counter space which makes meal preparation a real pain in the ass.) I also have eight window valences, some curtains and a bedspread to replace. That will get rid of most of the mauve and teal. I'll still have the floral wallpaper in the bathroom and on 1/2 of a kitchen wall, but I can live with that. Then there is the mauve carpet, but I can cover the living room carpet with throw rugs to disguise that and I'll just pretend that the carpet in the bedroom is brown (there's not much of it that can be seen anyway.) I haven't decided on a style yet, but I'll be on such a limited budget that it's probably going to be bohemian or hippy-chic and look similar to my friend Chris C.'s garage apartment back in 1978. Hmm... do they still make bean bag chairs?

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