Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another week flies by

A couple of weeks ago my computer's on board graphics card decided to go on the fritz. Sometimes it would work, but only at a non-native resolution for my monitor. By Monday of last week it was down for the count. I had been wanting to put a better graphics card in this computer since I bought it many years ago, but never could bring myself to spend the money for something that wasn't necessary. And now it was necessary, though definitely not in the budget. I had enough money in the bank to buy one, but that would leave me pretty much broke until payday (Friday of next week.) I struggled with that for a few days, but finally decided to spend the money. My computer is one of those "luxuries" that I do not want to do without!

And so, having purchased and installed a new graphics card, I was looking forward to spending some time this weekend playing one of my favorite games, Eve Online, which has always been difficult to play with my on board graphics card. Alas, it was not to be. Instead of gaming on Friday and Saturday night, I had unexpected company on both nights and ended up socializing until midnight. I was planning on being a hermit computer nerd this weekend and things went in a completely different direction, but that's okay - I had a great time and gaming can wait.

I brought Theo out to the trailer yesterday to see if he could manage the steps. I was pretty sure he wasn't going to be able to get up them and I was right. I ended up lifting him into the trailer so he could at least check it out for a bit. He was already freaked out by the road trip out here and trying to get up the steps freaked him out a bit more. And then lifting him up into the trailer freaked him out too, so his first visit here wasn't exactly pleasant for him.

Here's a picture of him where you can tell he was none too happy with the situation. I hung out with him at the trailer for only a short while because I could tell he really wanted to just get back "home". We'll have to build either stairs or a ramp that he can manage and do that very soon. He's going to need time to adjust and we only have three weeks left of him being able to stay at the house. Hopefully we'll have something built by this next weekend and he can spend Friday or Saturday night out here.

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  1. Damn it Anne, don't by hardware before you call me. I have several Vid cards just laying around occupying space.