Monday, May 18, 2009


So I was hanging out on the porch with Ann and the grrrls and it turned into an all night thing...we had visitors and everything.
I got to looking at Irene and I realized she's not a spring chicken much gray. I got sad for a minute and then I realized that she had earned all that gray spending her life with me...we have been together for so many years and she is so young at heart. I was about to say "I'll miss her when she's gone" and realized how fucking maudlin that would be so I say instead "she's my baby girl and I love our time together".
I found the power supply cord for my RP-6 effects pedal (missing in action for years) and finally got around to playing with it. It was fun...and loud...and on the front porch.
I made butterfly chops with papa's guisada and onion with carmelized onion and bacon sauce.
And finally I made a table for the porch...and I arted it up with some nail action.

Gotta go to bed!

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