Thursday, May 21, 2009


I took the grrrls for a neighborhood walk tonight back to the new under construction gated community and let them run around for a bit. Layla is such a fast runner ( and she jumps ) so I always think of the agility training thing. And then I spotted this...a reasonable facsimile anyway , since I didn't have my camera.
A silt fence...So I'm thinking hurdles , and call Layla and run and jump over it. She runs up and is tentative at first , but by the second run she had it down. We jumped back and forth over that fence about 10 was fantastic and she was clearly digging it. Irene even got in on it for 4 or 5.
On the other dog front...there are lots of dogs on my route...some are very cool and some want to kill me. There is one in particular that fucking loves me , follows me around the whole time spanging for pets...she rules.
I leave you with this...

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