Monday, May 04, 2009


I took the grrrls to Stacy this evening and at the entrance to the park there is a sign similar to this one:
with a written warning that all dogs must be on leash at all times. We were 5 minutes into our walk (on leashes) before we were accosted by a large dog who was not on a leash. Granted , the dog was just checking us out , and actually looked like a pretty cool old girl but there are issues here. Irene is cool with other dogs in leash free zones and never has a problem , but when she is leashed and approached by a loose dog she responds as if threatened and it gets ugly...this turned ugly and the owner of the dog looked at me like I had done something wrong.We quickly moved on and tried to resume our walk...50 or so feet later , more people with loose dogs.
It really sucked balls and I resolved to do something about it. It's one thing to draw down on pit bulls on the green belt , but you can't pull a pistol in the middle of the city without running a great risk of law enforcement getting "involved". Plus I have no desire to shoot a golden lab out for a game of fetch. Pit's are not dogs in my opinion and should be eliminated from the canine species.
So I have a response...

This is notice to all you assholes that ignore the leash laws in Austin...if your dog is loose where it shouldn't be and it threatens my grrls it's going to get a face full of this...
I am sick of this shit...

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