Friday, May 01, 2009


Swimming pools in suburban , rural areas are death traps to the local fauna.I was lucky enough (or it was) to find that possum alive on Monday and save him , but generally you find them ass up , twirling around in the skimmer drowned. Toads and frogs bloat up and their tongues protrude in a grotesque death mask. Lizard's mouths open wide in agony.
What happens is they come to the pool for a drink or a bath and once in , they can't get out. They go into the skimmer throat opening thinking it's a way out , or at least an escape from the open water...wrong.
It's a swirling vortex of death just waiting to happen.
Today , on our last stop , we cleaned a pool with 3 skimmers...a drowned baby rabbit was in each and every one.
Deposited in the woods - back to their maker.
I'm not sentimental about much ( OK - that's a lie ) but these kind of events fuck with me.
Enough maudlin drowned animal get the picture.
Tomorrow the grrrls and I are going to Turkey creek. After all the rain we got this past week it should be beautiful. Another early trip so we can have it to ourselves.
Have a great weekend!

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