Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was outside tending to the birds and the plants tonight when I looked down and saw a veritable cloud of mosquitoes swarming around my legs. I escaped back into the house and waited for prime time for these bastards to be over...apparently they have extended the shift and gone into stealth mode.
I went back out to finish up and hang out with the grrls for a bit, but they got my inner elbows and ankles but good...I am on itchy fire right now.
I made some modifications to the flower BBQ that I think will work well.
Just for grins this morning I went to the union job bank to see what was up...165 names on the books and NO calls. I could still be drawing benefits , but I made the right call going with this gig. I was starting to lose my mind.
Tomorrow I plan to poach some flowering cactus off of the right of way out in the hill country...after all , it is the right of way , right?
I'll be in my own truck on Friday and on my own apparently...
The guy I've been riding with has been a good teacher in as far as the idiosyncrasies of particular pools and I'm sure he will fare well as a tech , but better than that I have made a new friend. And I finally made friends with his dog.
It's strange , but every once in a while I encounter a dog that is just freaked out by me ( I think it's the tats ) and she was one of those dogs...but today I played fetch with her when we were done with the route and I believe I'm in...provided I show up with a tennis ball or a frisbee tomorrow morning.
I'm thinking about a high and tight...NO! Check that!

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