Saturday, August 21, 2010

Each night my prayer is that I can get out of bed in the morning.
Posting has been sparse because I usually do not have an Internet connection at the RV and work has been far too busy for me to sneak in a post from there. We still have an Internet connection here at the house, but when I'm here I'm busy working on clearing out the house. Spending most of my time bent over at the waist sorting stuff and carrying boxes/trash bags has not been good on my back. And I wish someone had not taken off with the portable table that I put outside, piled up with "free stuff", but I guess they assumed the table was free as well since I forgot to put on the sign "Please do not take table!" Oh well, one less thing to have to get rid of, but I was using that table to sort things standing up instead of bent over.

Anyway, I am taking a short break right now to rehydrate since there is no A/C in the back room that I'm working on and it's very hot today (and has been all week since it's August in Texas.) Oh, and to rest my foot a bit because to add insult to injury, something stung my foot yesterday as I was carting a bag of trash across the yard. Probably a wasp or a scorpion, although the amount of swelling had me looking for fang marks (there weren't any.) That's two freak accidents that have prevented me from busting ass as much as I need to at the house. I guess I didn't blog about the other one, but two weeks ago I got smashed by a couch and twisted my neck and back and bruised a rib and I'm still recovering from that. But whether I'm battered, bruised or stung, the work must be done and it must be done by tomorrow evening. So I'd better get back at it!


  1. (and has been all week since it's August in Texas.)

    It's August here too ;)

    Taking a quick break from shifting garden compost myself - I understand about the back problem only too well.

    Good luck getting it all done.

  2. Thanks; almost finished...