Monday, August 16, 2010

The fat lady has not sung yet
Rob had plans other than working at the house this weekend and so arranged for us to have a more time on clearing out the house. I did, however, manage to get quite a bit done over there on Sunday. I would have accomplished even more if it hadn't been so damn hot. Hopefully next weekend the heat will not be quite so oppressive and we can "get 'er done." I suppose there's never a good time to move out of a house, but doing it during the hottest month of the year is just nuts.

It is taking Theo awhile to adjust to RV life. I'm sure that some of it is due to being without the girl dogs since Irene had been his constant companion for all these years. There was a bit more howling and some barking this weekend, but I don't think it's going to disturb the neighbors. Today is his first day at the RV by himself for an 11 hour stretch while I am at work and I'm hoping he does okay. The 11 hour stretch is not a problem, he's used to that, but alone in a strange place... well, I'm hoping it doesn't feel quite so strange to him now that he's spent the whole weekend there.

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