Saturday, August 07, 2010

One week left...
One week left to get everything out of the house. I should be busting my ass right now instead of blogging, but I'm too exhausted. Last week was a real pain in the ass for a variety of reasons. I suppose the most irritating was that they were supposed to move my RV to another spot on Tuesday. So Monday night, I put everything on the floor, disconnected my hookups (except for the electricity) and put in the slide. But the people in that spot paid for another day so I didn't move on Tuesday. Which meant that when I got home I had to set everything back up again for the evening and then put it all back in the morning. However, on Wednesday, the people paid for another day again. Rinse and repeat for the entire damn week, including last night. I have decided that if they do not move today, then I'm just going to stay put. It would be nicer for Theo to be in that other spot, but it is not worth this aggravation.

There was one really cool thing that happened last week. There was an oriental style rug at work that I had admired and had thought at one point that I might get something just like it for my trailer to cover up the mauve carpet. Then one day last week I walked into the office and noticed it rolled up and sitting on a table with a note that said, "Want me? Take me!" And so I did. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this rug, no rips or stains and it has virtually no wear on it at all. I have no idea why someone would give it away. But it's pretty damn awesome that I was thinking about getting rug for the trailer and wanting one similar to this exact rug when it suddenly became mine for free! How cool is that?


  1. The universe is speaking to you...

    Hope your last week isn't too draining, physically or emotionally.

  2. Thanks BW. It will be a miracle if we can manage to get what's left to be done accomplished in one week. However, miracles do happen.