Monday, February 06, 2006


Back when I was in my 20's and all wrapped up in that thing called punk, I ripped my own jeans and bought most of my punk rock band t- shirts from the band, after the show from the stage out of a cardboard box, usually for 5 bucks. I drove a 1971 or 2 volkswagon super beetle that had been prepped for a baja kit that it never got, the hood was held shut with a chain and a giant diaper pin. (really) I paid 475.00 for this rolling death trap. We were all poor and lived by the Gang of Four credo "to hell with poverty...we'll get drunk on cheap wine".
Tonight, while leaving the corner store, I turned and came face to face with Susie Sioux circa 1976...raccoon eyes, crazy hair, dead girl base, dressed to the nines in the best punk rock finery. I was rightly impressed until I walked out into the parking lot and saw her boyfriend waiting for her in the car, with liberty spikes and leather and chains and the affect...affect to spare. He was sitting on the passenger side of a 2006 ford escape...once again with effect a 2006 ford escape. He was looking so disaffected sitting in this monument to soccer moms, that for a split second I almost took him seriously.
I smiled when I once again had the realization that this town, city,travesty of itself is crawling with posers like these two. Punk ethos as fashion statement. I've got all the classics on CD too, the difference is I wore out my vinyl copies before I bought them. And I was born before they came out.


On a less cynical note...I was perusing the chronicle the other day and saw an ad for the South branch vet clinic offering discounts on a variety of services. At the bottom of this ad were photos of a kitten and a dog. The dog is none other than our Sullivan! Our three regular readers will recall that Sully ( and Theo ) both came from South branch...cause they knew we were suckers for black dogs in need. Pretty cool.

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