Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I got to thinking about my current situation and decided that since I've basically had a mid-life crisis foisted upon me, that I might as well try to act like I'm having one. But I don't really want a red sports car. Well, I don't want the car payment part of it because that would take all the fun out of a bitching new Camaro. I could take a lover since apparently there's something about being married, but separated that is attractive to men. I've had quite a few offers, but it just hasn't appealed to me. When the right guy comes along, that may be a different story, but I have no desire to go out and look for him.

And although people say this is the perfect time to rediscover yourself or to find yourself, I was never lost. There are also no burning desires or dreams that I put on hold just because I was married. Sure, there are things I'd like to do or learn how to do, but those are more along the lines of deciding what to have for dinner. Learn German, jam out to Heavy Metal or read a book? Soup, salad or chicken-fried steak? Same sort of thing.

With one exception, the things I feel passionate about are still in my life . I guess you can't have a mid-life crisis unless it's the real thing and a plain old, run of the mill crisis just isn't the same. Shrug.

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  1. Maybe that was the problem that caused the drifting apart - you were grounded and sorted, and happy with yourself? That can be quite a threatening thing to anyone who isn't...