Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!
Yes, it's a few days early, but at work we are celebrating it today since no one will be here on Sunday. The employees have been decorating the office for weeks (I have a fake spiderweb tent over my cubical) and today even more decorations have been put up. Most of the staff are in costume and we are having a big potluck lunch. Ah, it so nice to work for a company that allows a little bit of fun in the workplace.

Time has really flown by this week and it seems like only yesterday it was Monday morning and I was groaning about long it was going to take to get to Friday. Maybe I'll remember this current time warp feeling next Monday when I'm sure I'll be groaning about it again, but I have no idea what's responsible for this perception. My weekdays are very routine and there's not much time for anything other than work and household chores and that sort of routine usually makes the days drag by instead of speeding rapidly along.

There's that old saying that time flies when you are having fun so I suppose I could be having more fun these days than I realize. It's not something I've thought about before now, but things are certainly better today than they were six months ago when I was unemployed, heartbroken and about to be homeless. Those were some really tough times and so yes, I would have to say that life is definitely more fun now than it was at that time. Perhaps it's all relative to where one has been and time will start to slow down again when this current routine gets to be old hat. Well, to quote another old saying, "Time will tell."


  1. Delighted that things are picking up for you.

    "Ah, it so nice to work for a company that allows a little bit of fun in the workplace."

    Compared to your last place, almost anything would be better, eh? ;)

    Thing that companies with daft regulations don't realise is just how much they lose in the way of staff goodwill, which, in turn, equals increased productivity and a happier atmosphere.

    Enjoy the frivolities!

  2. Yes, I've seen several companies that I have worked for cut this sort of thing out as they become more "corporate" and then when morale dropped, they tried to reinstate it with something cooked up by management. That never works and a disgruntled workforce isn't likely to start having fun again on it's own. Once it's gone, it's pretty much gone for good.