Friday, October 15, 2010

Feels cold to me...
Last night the temperature got down to the mid-40s which is not really all that cold, but it sure feels cold after a daytime high in the mid-80s. My RV has insulation, but it also has a lot of windows, more than most trailers it's size, and two uninsulated doors so it gets chilly inside in a hurry. I remember back in the 70s during the fuel crisis there was a saying "Conservate at 68" which has stuck in my mind, probably because of the discussion of whether conservate was or was not an actual word. But anyway, I decided to give that a try since 68 degrees seems like a balmy temperature. However, I have discovered that while it's plenty warm for sleeping and hanging around the RV, it is definitely not warm enough for my morning shower. Even cranking up the heater to 74 degrees wasn't warm enough and who knows how much propane I burned this morning while getting the entire RV up to that temperature.

I've been looking for an electric heater to use just in the bathroom, but it needs to be a very small size and most importantly, low wattage. It's really hard to find anything under 1500 watts which is way too much amperage to be pulling through my RV wiring and most of the "personal" size heaters are so cheaply made that I'd be afraid to use them. After some research on the internet, I think I may have found one made by a company with a good reputation that might work in my tiny bathroom, but I'm not confident enough to order it on-line. Of course, I can get the dimensions off the internet and measure, but it's not the same as actually seeing a product and holding it in your hands. So it looks like I'm going heater shopping even though I hate shopping in stores. But I hate it far less than I hate feeling that cold air after stepping out of the shower in the mornings.

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