Monday, May 24, 2010

Whack a Weed
Our lawn guy has pulled another disappearing act. That's something he can get away with in the middle of summer, but at this time of year the weeds actually grow like weeds. Several of them are almost as tall as I am. We have no lawn mower because they keep getting stolen and it's been cheaper to pay someone else to do the lawn than to keep buying another mower every time one disappears. Oddly enough, nothing else ever seems to disappear out of our carport, back yard or front porch (we've stored the lawn mowers in all three places.) In fact, there is a DVD player on the front porch that has been there for months and it's a lot easier to cart off than a lawn mower, yet it remains undisturbed.

Anyway, since we have no lawn mower and our lawn guy is in absentia, I have decided that today I will attack the front yard with the weed eater. I once had a neighbor that mowed his entire front lawn ever week with a weed eater so I know it can be done. I'm sure I will not be able to do it with the skill of said neighbor who was somehow able to achieve a perfectly cut St. Augustine lawn. Now I've only used a weed eater a couple of times in my life so I have no idea how he was able to cut every blade at an equal and precise height, but with our lawn o' weeds, precision doesn't matter. Even if I cut large areas down to the dirt, which I am likely to do because I am extremely unskilled with a weed eater, then the weeds will just fill back in, probably overnight. If I manage to pull this off today then I will have Rob take pictures of the aftermath when he gets home tonight and we can all have a good laugh.

Update: I only got half done this morning before it got too hot and steamy. I was going to do the other half tonight, but I have a job interview and assessment test to take - woohoo!

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