Thursday, May 20, 2010

A tip of my hat to Cobblestone Mills and Flowers Bakeries
Good customer service seems to be a rare thing these days so I'm pleased to share this example of it. I posted the other day that I found a loaf of Rye bread inside a package labeled Sourdough. I didn't mention the brand name in my post, but I did email the company and let them know what happened. It's a pretty big operation, with distribution in 29 states, and while I was hoping for a response, I didn't really expect anything other than a form letter. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to get an actual phone call. That's right, a real live person called me from the local area bakery to offer an apology and they also spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with me to make sure I remained a happy and satisfied customer. Yes, they are sending me coupons, but the personal touch of that phone call is what made the difference between my possibly never buying that brand again and being a regular customer. Good job!

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