Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I got my blood work back and everything was within normal limits except for my triglycerides , which were very high. I got some information on why that might be and I was batting a 1000 on causes.
-Sodas...too many cokes a day.
-fried foods...If you can't fry it I won't eat it.
-sweets...I have eaten a truckload of all kinds since the holidays started.
-alcohol...can you say screwdrivers ?
-concentrated fruit juice...screwdrivers again .
-B vitamin deficiency...alcohol depletes B vitamins
Fortunately , all of these things are easy to correct and my levels will sort themselves out quickly ( in some cases just days ).
This seems to be the likely culprit(s) and I have noticed some improvement ( albeit small )in my ability to walk normally since last Friday.

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