Wednesday, January 06, 2010

200 bottles of beer on the wall...
I met a friend of mine at The Flying Saucer last night to do some knitting over a few beers. Well, turns out we didn't actually do any knitting since there was too much other activity going on that caught our attention, but I did have the few beers. I had never been to The Flying Saucer which is in a shopping development called The Triangle and I'd never been to any place there either. The little bit of street parking seemed crazy, but then I found the parking garage and it wasn't too much of a walk to the pub. I got there early and she got there late so that gave me time to investigate something called the UFO club. You fill out a form, they give you a card that then tracks all the different beers you drink there. Once you've drank 200 different beers, you get a plate with your name on it placed on the wall. How could I resist? I love beer; I love trying different beers and I've always been mystified why I like one kind of beer, but not another. Apparently there's enough information in this place to help me figure it out because I told the waitress what I like in a beer and just from my crude description, 'cause I don't know all the proper terms and stuff, she served me what was one of the best beers I've ever tasted. You can only get club credit for three beers per night so that eliminated any plans to knock out six of them in one night. And as it was, I was driving so I only drank two; three and I would have had to stay there drinking water much later than I wanted before heading home.

I had a great time and in an odd coincidence, ran into some of my favorite folks from where I used to work. I also got a movie trivia question right that no one else in the group got which is a friggin' miracle because I don't know squat about movies/directors/actors. I don't know when I might get up that way again, but I'm hoping my club membership and a chance at immortality (the plate on the wall) might be enough incentive to get me back up there on a regular basis. Not to mention the act of drinking 200 beers :)

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