Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still haven't started the new job due to various delays. Maybe next Thursday. The delay is wearing on me as are Rob's ghosts in the house. They need to stay over by his desk and stop wandering into my space and keeping me awake at night.

We had two weeks of much needed rain and with it cooler weather which was weird after all the heat we had this summer. I actually felt "cold" the other night, though it wasn't really cold, just in the 50's. Still, that's a far cry from the 80's just two weeks ago.

The rain and dark days these last two weeks had me not doing much of anything. A bit of laundry, wasting time on Facebook and napping. Maybe if the sun comes out next week I can get some stuff done around the house before I (hopefully) go back to work.

Halloween stuff has been in the stores now for several weeks - seems they stock it earlier and earlier every year. Found some cool skull lights to stick in the yard for super cheap and we are resisting the urge to stick them out there RIGHT NOW. Trying to wait until at least October 1st...

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