Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tomorrow I am meeting someone from a long time ago for coffee...someone who has been on my mind for years.
Facebook is a mixed blessing to be sure...but so far it has been mostly good for me.
To embrace the past is a wonderful thing...closure...smiles and warm memories.
But there are ghosts in the house now...bouncing around bringing up memories.
and currently LT's mom is in ICU...I am so worried about him...I have never met his mom in 15 years of knowing him...he pretends to be ok but I know from my own experience he is not...I hold him in my heart.
And his mom.
I used to think Billy boy was a sentimental he could almost make me cry...well guess what ? he is and it does.and I love him for that.
he might be on to something after all.

I am a very lucky man....ghosts or not

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