Friday, September 03, 2010

A Texas Swing evening
My trailer repairs were finished today, but when I got home I found it was not put back where it was before they hauled it off to the shop. They did at least get it in the correct lot, but it's way too far back on the pad. And, I hate to admit this, but it's also crooked and I know that's going to drive me crazy. I was a little bit annoyed. Well, let's be truthful - I was very annoyed. They didn't even hook up the electric back up so the trailer was hot as hell inside. Could I live with it where it was? Nope. So that meant not setting it back up - no lowering the stabilizer jacks, unpacking breakables out of cabinets and drawers, and no picking stuff up off the floor since I was going to want it moved at least five feet forward. In other words, everything I had planned to do tonight if the trailer work was finished was not going to happen so that left my evening free and unscheduled. And for reasons too complex to explain here, I had a craving for an old fashioned honky-tonk. But a DWI is not something I want to experience and I have no idea if there's cab service or even an old-fashion honky-tonk around here. But I had cold beer in the fridge and a Texas Swing station already created on Pandora that would play the perfect music. And there was a cool breeze blowing outside so I cranked up the computer speakers and left the door open on the RV so I could hear it. My neighbor on the door side of my RV was gone so I could play it plenty loud and I kicked back in my lawn chair under the stars and found myself sitting in a great honky-tonk beer garden. It was a very nice couple of hours thanks to Shiner Bock, Pandora and the beautiful weather. Oh, and thanks to the stars as well - nice to be able to see so many more out here where I'm a tad bit more in the country than I used to be.


  1. What are your favorite artists to plug into Pandora to get that mix?

  2. I created that one so long ago that I don't really remember, but I know I first seeded it with Asleep at the Wheel and Bob Wills.

  3. That combo will work. :-)