Thursday, September 02, 2010

A funny thing happened last night
I took the last of the "stuff" that was getting stored over a friend's basement. I pulled into the driveway on the side of the house, a dirt driveway that I had never used before, parked and unloaded the stuff. I stayed for a short visit which was long enough for it to get dark outside so when I backed up out of the driveway in the pitch black darkness, I didn't realize I was backing up too far to the right and headed for a retainer wall that I hadn't noticed when I pulled in. Instead, I thought I was just backing up down the gentle slope to the street until... oops! Yep, the right rear wheel went over the retainer wall and the frame came to rest squarely on the wall leaving the wheel spinning freely in the air. Now I do have an SUV, but it's not four wheel drive so I definitely wasn't going anywhere. After surveying the situation I realized I probably wasn't going to have any success getting someone to pull me off of that with a pickup truck so I bit the bullet and called a wrecker to come winch me off the wall.

This event was funny for several reasons. First of all, it just IS funny - I mean, this is the sort of stupid thing that, when you see people do it, you just can't help but laugh. After all, there was no harm done - no one got hurt, not even the SUV. For the second reason, I had unexpectedly received $80 not two hours before this and guess what? The wrecker fee was $85. It was as if the universe knew I was going to pull some bonehead stunt later that day and made sure I had the cash on hand so I could just laugh about it and still get home before midnight. The third thing that makes this so funny is that I have had nightmares off and on about this exact sort of thing happening ever since I started driving a car. And of course, this was nothing like the nightmares - just a bit of a bump, the realization of what I had done and a good chuckle over it.

Hmm... I wonder if this means another recurring nightmare is about to be retired?


  1. It *is* funny (esp because there was no damage). I recently crumpled my fender backing out of a parking space in a public garage (scraped a concrete post) and it did $1200 in damage. Ugh. I guess I could have just let it go and probably should have, but I like my car and wasn't ready for it to be a wreck.

  2. Ouch Blueberry - I don't think I could have laughed about something like that myself.