Friday, July 17, 2009


One of my customers has this incredible looking pool with lots of features , and one of those is the decorative tile . Lots of 1x1 " glass tiles. He had them sandblasted the other day and I got to vac out the beads . I pulled it off , but it was only with herculean effort.
He was home at the time and saw me do it , I won't bore you with the details but it was a challenge . He was impressed.
But the coolest thing was when I rolled up on his place there was an armadillo rooting around in the neighbors yard. I sat and watched him as he rooted his way to within 2 feet of my truck - armadillos rely mostly on scent as they have been short changed in the vision department. I revved my engine a bit when he started coming out into the street and he boogied off back into the yard.
I haven't seen a live one in years...just road kill.
Very cool.
I managed 11 stops today...only one was kind to me , the others were full on cleans. My shoulders hurt.
I thought I could get away with not letting the grrrls take me for a drag , but they prevailed.
Tomorrow I can sleep in ... I bet I wake up at the crack o' dawn.

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