Saturday, July 18, 2009


Woke up at the last crack o' dawn...that would be 7 am. That's called sleeping in these days I guess.
Went to my start up pool only to find a shitload of empty beer cans all around it and cigarettes put out on the newly installed deck tiles.
I guess I should explain that a start up is a new pool or a re - plastered pool and the accepted method is to balance chems and brush for 10 days.
I might add that people should not get in it for 10 days and especially dogs shouldn't - regardless of the status of the pool - dogs fuck up pools.
This start up has all that and more . Lucky me.
Met Joel for lunch at Opal's Penn Field , it's always good to see him and visit.He brought me a CD...Goatwhore. Ugly music...very nice.
Meanwhile , Annabelle is on the phones working...I have a choice on Saturdays.Stay at home and be really quiet (yeah...) or go somewhere . I go somewhere.
A friend of mine lost his Mom this week...he didn't really lose her , she died.
I missed the funeral , but went and saw him today with flowers and a card and a novena candle.He said it was a comfort to him (the candle). I've been in his shoes...I was in them today. I'm glad I could bring some comfort.
I forgot to mention that I lost my I went a got a new one. While I was at walmart I got a decent aquarium for our fighting fish...who I call Jefferson because he keeps movin' on up.
Then it was time to feed the dogs , and after the prerequesite wait time , they took me for a drag.
I made some magic sausage and beef ravioli for dinner , with garlic toast.

Life is not so bad these days...

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