Thursday, September 22, 2005

The first day of fall, but we're still sweating
It was 102 degrees yesterday and 100 degrees today. I can't help but wonder how many migrating folks ended up with heatstroke as they drove away from the coast. I've been told that traffic is horrible even this far inland, but I wouldn't know because I've been home with the flu. Who gets the flu in September? Apparently me. I haven't had the flu in many, many years so I guess I was overdue. I actually came down with it on Monday, but went to work anyway and tried to tough it out until my day off today. I almost made it, but ended up going home early yesterday. And slept and slept and then slept even more today. I was relieved to see that Rita will likely pass well to the east of us so there was no need to rouse from my sick bed and make storm preparations. Though I suppose we should secure a few loose items out in the yard tomorrow night and do our usual possible flood routine. Well, it's back to bed for me. Gotta go back to work tomorrow, flu or no flu.

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