Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Momentarily interrupting the Saturday story to post that I've decided it's Spring-enough to put out a hanging basket of petunias. We are not yet past the average last frost date, but a hanging basket can always be brought indoors if we get a late freeze. I'll need to wait a bit longer to do my banana tree in a big pot idea. I have no idea if you can successfully grow a banana tree in a big pot, but I figure I'll give it a try. With luck, come August, perhaps I can sit in the shade of my banana tree with a cold beer and pretend I'm on vacation in some exotic tropical location.

My friend LT stopped by yesterday and hooked me up with a few things to improve my wireless connection. It's not yet improved to the point where I can get a connection every time I want one, nor can it hang onto that connection for very long, but I can definitely get a connection some of the time and usually long enough to hammer out a short post or email. And that's a big improvement!


  1. Banana trees grow really well in big pots. The secret is lots of water and lots of food. Tomato food is good.

    The red-leaved ones are less tolerant of the cold, so a green one, covered in several layers of horticultural fleece for the coldest parts of winter, should survive the frosts, especially if close to a building/RV wall. They are very easy to propagate, and a small cutting could be overwintered indoors, in case the frost gets the big one. Ask me at the end of the summer and I'll explain!

    My petunias are currently tiny seedlings. Couldn't dream of putting them out in hanging baskets until about May!

  2. have you looked in to those mobile hotspots from cricket and verizon and stuff?